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Personal Training

One-on-One and Group Training can be done in-home or via Zoom or FaceTime. I will travel to your house and bring any equipment that might be needed for training sessions. 

Yoga can be incorporated into your one-on-one or group sessions. The cost for a yoga session is the same as the individual or small group sessions. You can mix your sessions to include both strength and yoga.

One-on-One Training:

Free initial assessment.

30 minute session: $65.00

45 minute session: $70.00

60 minute session: $75.00

*Contact me for information on package options.

Group Training:

2 people: $42.50/person for 45 minute session

$45.00/person for 60 minute session

3-4 people: $32.50/person for 45 minute session

$35.00/person for 60 minute session

5+ people: $22.50/person for 45 minute session

$25.00/person for 60 minute session

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One-On-One Nutrition Coaching

If you are looking for more individualized coaching tailored to your needs and goals, one-on-one coaching is the right fit for you. 

Initial Assessment

30 minutes

We will discuss what types of foods you like to eat, how often you eat, specific concerns, goals, and what you wish to accomplish.

Cost: Free

Each session will include:

-1-30 minute coaching session in-person or via Zoom

-personal health assessment

-food journal analysis

-detailed session follow-up notes including action steps, recommended articles, recipes, and handouts

-weekly measurements

-You go until you reach your goal

Cost per session:


Package Options:

6 or 8 week package includes initial assessment.

Pay package in full.

Cost: $35.00 per session

6 weeks: $210.00

8 weeks: $280.00

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