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January Programs

Nutrition Program

Next session starts in January 2023!

Please reach out for more information.​

Start off the new year with new habits that will transform into a new you!

Tired of trying endless dead end fad diets? Looking to gain more energy and do something that makes you feel good? Learn how to create sustainable habits that will last a lifetime!

I am looking for 3-5 people to enroll in a 6 week Online Nutrition Program starting on January 9, 2023.

The cost of the program is $195. 

The program will consist of weekly group check-ins, healthy recipes, new habits to focus on each week, bi-weekly measurements, articles and tips for success.


This is not a diet or weight loss program. Weight loss may happen, but is not guaranteed. Instead, you will learn how to make better choices and incorporate healthy habits into your daily routines that are sustainable and lifelong.

Image by Anna Pelzer

Cardio Program

4 week Cardio program starting in January 2023. Want to start adding more cardio into your workouts? Learn what types of cardio are out there and how to benefit from your target heart rate. I will be looking for 3-5 people in January that want to spice up their workouts in a safe and sustainable way. You can pair this program with the group nutrition program and really start the new year right! Cost of the program is $135.00.

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