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How to Stay on Track During Thanksgiving

Tis the season for lots of holiday parties and get togethers. With that comes a lot of eating. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and some of you may be wondering how you can enjoy all the delicious food without going overboard. There are ways to stay on track with your nutrition AND still enjoy your holiday meals. Here are a few tips to keep you on track:

  1. Try to get your workout in early. Even if it means just going for a quick walk around the block. Being active is a great way to start your day and it will also help to relieve any holiday stress.

  2. Drink lots of water! Water can help to make you feel full without stuffing your face with lots of food. Staying hydrated is important, especially if you plan on having a few cocktails with your meal.

  3. Fill your plate with mostly protein and veggies. Try to avoid the veggies that are loaded with extra butter or dressings.

  4. Eat slowly. Eating slowly will give your body time to digest the food properly. Your body will tell you sooner when you are full if you chew your food slowly and take your time eating. It also gives you a chance to actually enjoy what you are eating.

  5. When you start to feel full, stop eating, even if you still have food on your plate. It's okay to not clear your plate! Your body will thank you for not giving it that "stuffed" feeling!

  6. EAT THE PIE! It's okay to indulge and have a little dessert. Remember...everything in moderation! Have a small piece of pie and allow yourself to enjoy it without feeling guilty about it! The more we deprive our bodies, of the things we want, the more we are going to want them. So eat the pie...just not the whole thing!!!

  7. If you do overindulge, as we all sometimes do, let it go. Don't beat yourself up about it or think that it will ruin your entire plan. One day is not going to make or break your diet. Move forward and vow to make better choices next time. After all, we are all human!

Happy Thanksgiving! May your day be filled with love and happiness!

Need a little help getting back on track after Thanksgiving? I am a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach and would love to help you on your health journey! Let’s chat! Together we can get you back on track and felling great!

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