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10 Ways to Get Back on Track and Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Thanksgiving is over and many of us are left feeling overly stuffed and guilty for eating way too much. With the holiday season still upon us, you may feel like sticking to your healthy goals is hopeless. Have no fear! Let's leave Thanksgiving in the past and move forward. All is not lost! Your goals are not ruined! Here are 10 ways to stay on track during the holidays, even if you attend an endless amount of festivities!

  1. Don't leave the house hungry.

Before you head out to an event, make sure to fill yourself up with something healthy like fruit, a salad, or a protein shake. This will help you to better avoid mindless snacking while out.

2. Listen to your body.

Are you really hungry? Do you need to eat that second cookie? Listen to your body's signals, especially when it comes to hunger. If you still feel hungry after eating, wait at least 30 minutes before eating again to make sure you are really hungry and not just craving something.

3. Plan beforehand.

When going to a festive party or event, make a detailed plan for what you want to allow yourself to eat/drink and place limits. For example, plan to eat one portion of protein with vegetables, one dessert, and two drinks. Or limit yourself to two plates and two drinks. A plan will help you to stay on track and prevent you from overeating or drinking.

4. Don't sit by the food table.

Don't eat just because everyone else is eating. If you eat, always take what you want onto a plate and walk away. From there, follow the 50% rule.

5. 50% rule.

Eat only 50% of what is on your plate, and then assess if you need more. If you don't feel full, then eat another 50% of what is left on your plate and so on.

6. Stop when you are 80% full

Regardless of what you think, you don't need to finish everything that is on your plate. Follow the 50% rule and stop when you feel 80% full. That simply means you're starting to feel a little full, but could probably eat more. That's where you stop eating. Eating to 80% full will prevent you from getting that "stuffed" feeling.

7. Log what you eat.

If the 80% or 50% rule doesn't work for you, then try logging what you eat. This way you will be aware of the number of calories and foods you are eating/drinking throughout the event.

8. Eat slowly.

Savor every bite you take and chew up to 15 times per mouthful. Eating slowly will make sure your brain has time to receive the "full

" signal from your stomach.

9. Drink water.

Make sure to always have a glass of water with you and refill it during the party/event. This great habit will not only keep you hydrated (especially if you're drinking alcohol), it will also help you to avoid that hangover feeling. It also keeps your stomach feeling fuller so you don't feel like you have to eat as much.

10. No guilt treats.

Allow yourself to have what you want. This doesn't mean mindless eating, but treating yourself without guilt to something you like or crave. Choose wisely and enjoy every bite! Remember, everything in moderation!

If staying on track is something you struggle with, I am looking for several people to join a 6 week nutrition program in January that will teach healthy habits that are sustainable and will last a lifetime! More information coming your way!

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